ロクサンモッコーと読みます。 63は自分の名前の語呂合わせです。 木を用いて自分が欲しいモノや使いたいモノを制作したことが活動の始まりです。
"Hello, I am 63mokko."

63mokko is "rokusan-mokko" in Japanese. Or "sixty-three mokko". 63 is a game of making puns of my name. I produced the thing I wanted and wanted to use with trees.


小学生の頃、名札を溝に落とし失くしました。 翌日に何かの式がありすぐに必要だったのだと思います。 そこで母が校章や数字のピンバッチの部分を描いて、小さなビニール袋に入れてそっくりに作ってくれました。 その時の周りの反応がおもしろかったことを覚えています。しかし、ずっとそれを使うことは許されませんでした。 このときの体験がモノづくりの原点かもしれません。

プラスチックの眼鏡を使っていましたが、一度壊れると自分で修理できず、使用期間にも限界があります。 自分で修理できてずっと使い続けられる眼鏡を作ろうと思い、木の眼鏡ができました。
"If there is not it, I make it."

In the days of a primary schoolchild, I lost a name card in the ditch. I think that it was necessary immediately because we have some kind of ceremonies on the next day. Therefore my mother drew the part of the pin batch of a school badge and the number. And she put it in a small plastic bag and made it like a genuine article. I remember that the reaction of the circumference was interesting then. However, it was not allowed to use it all the time. An experience of this time may be the origin of the creation.

I used the plastic glasses so far. But when it was broken once, I cannot repair it by myself. It has a limit for a period of use. I intended to make the glasses which I could repair with myself and we are continued employing for a long time. And I made wooden glasses.


「(un)FASHION」(tibor+maira kalman)という本があります。 世界の風俗を写しています。 私の美の基準であり、目標です。

The collection of photographs "(un)FASHION"(tibor+maira kalman)represents the world manners and customs.
It is a standard of my beauty and is my aim.



"Wear world trees"

I have a dream.
I load making tools with glasses onto a car.
And I want to make glasses with a tree of the land while taking a trip to the world.

I do not know when it comes true.
I may become 70-year-old grandfather.
Possibly it may not come true.
But I want to continue having a dream.

眼鏡作家 神田 武蔵

Eyeglass craftsman : Musashi Kanda

1982 Born in Tokyo Change school in various parts of Japan.
2005 Graduated from the Department of Architecture of Kogakuin University Get the job in relation with the wooden house
2011 Entered Shinrin-Takumi-Jyuku Studied craft products and cabinetrys in Hida-Takayama for two years
2013 Established "63mokko"