Your Color


Form with the roundness, form slim clearly, square-built form. Various brown of trees, bright red, soft black.

The nature material utilized the color of something becomes the glasses of bespoke-style. Order of the size, order of the name case of the carved seal, and others, I make the glasses of your color.
スタンダード Standard     ¥90,000 (+tax)〜
フラットフロント Flat front  ¥72,000 (+tax)〜

・The standard is a glass of the shape that the glasses front curves to along a face. The flat front is a glass of the shape that the glasses front is flat.
・A price changes by a tree kind. You can choose a favorite glasses model and lens type.
価格例 Price example

ソメイヨシノ桜 Yoshino-cherry
スタンダード Standard     ¥90,000 (+tax)
フラットフロント Flat front  ¥72,000 (+tax)

ブラックウォールナット Black Walnut
スタンダード Standard     ¥99,000 (+tax)
フラットフロント Flat front  ¥81,000 (+tax)

黒柿 Black persimmon
スタンダード Standard     ¥144,000 (+tax)
フラットフロント Flat front  ¥126,000 (+tax)

Wood Fit Regulator
ウッド フィット レギュレータ


こちらの眼鏡はオンラインストアでご購入できます。 ご注文前に、オーダーシートをお取り寄せいただき、形や樹種を決めていただきます。 詳しくはオンラインストアをご覧ください。
You change the temple length and the opened state temple and can adjust it by yourself. As it is divided into various parts, you can enjoy in combination trees.

You can purchase these glasses in my online store. Before an order, you order a sheet and decide a glasses form and tree kind. Please see my online store for more information.
¥90,000 (+tax)〜

The Bamboo


京都を拠点に枠にとらわれないコンテンポラリーな活動をされています。 パリのダンサー・Benjamin Bertrandさんと、書と踊りのコラボレーションの風景。
The front laminates smoke-stained bamboo. The temple just uses the form of 'Shinshi' tool of the Nishijin brocade. It is glasses made of the bamboo selected carefully.

Calligrapher Hiroshi Ueda and bamboo glasses. He is based in Kyoto and He is doing contemporary activity in an unconventional way. These are the collaboration scene of calligraphy and dance with dancer Benjamin Bertrand from Paris.
フラットフロントのみ Only flat front  ¥135,000 (+tax)

Dear wild

人間も 動物も 自然の一部 なかよく住まわせてもらう
やさしさ 思いやり 感謝の気持ちを忘れずに

動物写真家 久田 雅夫さんの言葉より
Both human beings and the animal are parts of nature. We live peacefully.
Without forgetting gentleness and consideration, the feeling of thanks.

From words of animal photographer Masao Hisada
白 ヘラジカの角、一部キンモクセイ ¥180,000 (+tax)
黒 コクタン、丁番・鼻あて 二ホンジカの角 ¥135,000 (+tax)



ジャズという音楽のあのなんというか、かわいらしくて、おかしくて、その人の人柄がでる音が好きです。 セロニアス・モンクのその人柄が好きでそのイメージです。
Cut the board of tree lengthwise at random. Cut it breadthwise, too. Sandwich the paper between them. Irregular lines are put together and create harmony of the checked pattern.

I like sounds of music called the jazz that I say that what, it's pretty and strange, and the personality of the person appears. I like the personality of Thelonious Monk, it's the image.
スタンダード Standard     ¥135,000 (+tax)〜
フラットフロント Flat front  ¥117,000 (+tax)〜

With Paper


北欧家具を連想してデザインしました。 例えば、ハンス・ウェグナーの椅子背もたれのジョイント部分のインレイがデザインソースの一部となっています。
It is around a line of the paper in a lens shape. It attains strength with 3ply rim and express a sharp line.

I associated North European furniture and designed it. For example, the inlay of the joint part of Hans・J・Wegner's chair back becomes a part of design source.
スタンダード Standard     ¥135,000 (+tax)〜
フラットフロント Flat front  ¥117,000 (+tax)〜


数々の建築やプロダクトデザインを手がけている建築家・鈴木敏彦主宰の「ATELIER OPA」と木製眼鏡のコラボレーション。

巨匠建築家のトレードマークを独自の視点をもって解釈しました。 愛らしいラウンドの眼鏡と蝶ネクタイで、チャーミングなスタイルを満喫してみてください。
"63mokko" (wood product designer / Musashi Kanda) meets "ATELIER OPA" (chairperson and architect / Toshihiko Suzuki).

This is a collaboration of OPA which deals with many product design and wooden glasses. We interpreted a trademark of the great master architect with an original viewpoint. You can enjoy a charming style with the lovely round glasses and bow tie.
スタンダード Standard     ¥90,000 (+tax)〜
フラットフロント Flat front  ¥72,000 (+tax)〜

Wear wood lightly



This product can change a part of your glasses into a wood.

Change the part (temple, nose-pad) touching your skin to woodenness. Custom-made matched a shape with original plastic glasses and metal glasses. Do the fitting measurement and produce it to your size.

※The temple disassembles original glasses and uses it, therefore it doesn't return to original state after the processing.
※There is the impossible glasses structurally. Please understand this.
¥30,000 (+tax)〜

レンズ価格 Lens price

近視用 For myopia
屈折率 Index of refraction 1.60  ¥9,000 (+tax)
               1.67  ¥12,000 (+tax)
               1.74  ¥15,000 (+tax)
               1.76  ¥16,500 (+tax)

老眼用 For reading
屈折率 Index of refraction 1.60  ¥9,000 (+tax)

度無しサングラス Sunglasses     ¥5,000 (+tax)

・I make the lens for myopia based on your glasses prescription data or your glasses which the power fits.
・It is the aspheric lens of "wound-proof, water-repellent coat, UV cut" specifications of TOKAI OPTICAL.
・Please consult about other makers and both sides aspheric lens, bifocal lens, blue-light cut lens.
・You can order it by yourself in other optical shops. (There may not be service in the discount optical shop. Please check it before.)